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Inspiring Stories

Check out the stories about recovering and returning to the normal life from some patients we treated as the İstanbul Rehabilitation Academy Team in our clinic!

Brain injury due to a fall

Deniz Çelik

Deniz Çelik, who fell from the roof of the hut and suffered brain injury, cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral edema, recovered after extensive inpatient physical therapy and robotic therapy; and she was discharged.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Yumni Mohammed

13-year-old Yumni, who was bedridden as a result of the damage to her brain after a traffic accident she had in Libya, regained her health after 4 months of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and was discharged on foot.

Cerebral hemorrhage

Eser Küçük

Eser Küçük, who was admitted to our clinic one month after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage in Cyprus, recovered from paralysis after the treatment and returned to his normal life.

- Brain Hemorrhage

Mustafa Yılmazoğlu

Mustafa Yılmazoğlu, who had a cerebral hemorrhage during his business trip abroad, returned to his normal life as a result of inpatient physical therapy and robotic therapy.

Cerebral hemorrhage

Armağan Erdoğan

Armağan Erdoğan, who suffered cerebral hemorrhages twice in one month interval, recovered from paralysis after 2 months of rehabilitation, and she can now climb the stairs. After 6 months, she returned to her normal life and work.

Stroke (paralysis)

Mahmut Ali Meriç

Mahmut Ali Meriç, who was hospitalized in our clinic for the treatment of a severe stroke (paralysis) and was administered physical therapy and robotic physical therapy, was discharged after regaining the walking ability.